Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Swimming… What Month Is It???

Today Brita and I were in Neenah and it was 55 degrees and sunny.  Yep..  it’s November 24th!  A favorite place we have is Fresh Air Park in south Neenah.  It’s a very small park, the size of a large building lot in between homes on Lake Winnebago.  Even in good weather, we often would have it to ourselves.  So… off we go… I can’t remember when the water has been so clear..  you could actually see the stones in the water – and this IS Lake Winnebago! 

Camera in my left hand.  Tug in my right.  Toss tug.  Take pictures.  Do it again.  Some worked really well and some are gone!  At one point I did throw the tug a different direction so I would be facing the sun and I think there are a few good silhouette shots!  Fun time!

 2009.11.24 Brita.LakeWinnebago-50 2009.11.24 Brita.LakeWinnebago-582009.11.24 Brita.LakeWinnebago-27 2009.11.24 Brita.LakeWinnebago-1 2009.11.24 Brita.LakeWinnebago-71 2009.11.24 Brita.LakeWinnebago-47

Monday, November 23, 2009

Workin' with Angie

So today I was talking pictures for Steinig Tal Police Academy and Angie asked me to take pictures of her doing obedience.  Sure...  Then she asked if she could borrow Brita!  Of course.  It's fun to see your own dog work with someone else! 

 2009.11.23 Angie (12) 2009.11.23 Angie (22)2009.11.23 Angie (40)2009.11.23 Angie (14)2009.11.23 Angie (13)


Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

It's become a custom now...  Birthdays are spent at Clever K9s so off we go!  Pictures werIMG_7477e taken and reports were good.... she had fun playing with the other dogs!  On the way home we stopped at McDonalds for a cheeseburger and ice cream!  (we shared the ice cream!!)  

I had picked up a new retrieve item which was a unicorn on a stick... it didn't occur to me that the stick was plastic until the first time I said "hold" and she crunched it!  She did have fun retrieving it but was much happier playing with her ball on a rope even though for a bit it was stuck in a tree! 

Another birthday behind her!!  Tomorrow back to work!  (and we should all like our work as much as she does!!)

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